Atlantic Masonry Supply carries EP Henry, Techo-Bloc and is an Authorized SmartVent Dealer


Stone Veneer

Atlantic Masonry Supply sells and distributes veneer stone from four different manufacterers. They are:

EP Henry Cast Veneer Stone
MSI International
Eldorado Stone
Cultured Stone by Owens Corning

Atlantic Masonry Supply Stone Veneer

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What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is used as a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior horizontal walls and surfaces. Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative building material manufactured to replicate the look of natural stone. The names artificial stones, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone, and flexible stone veneer are also used for stone veneer.

Stone veneer can me made from natural stone as well as manufactured stone.

Natural stone veneer is made from real stone that is either collected i.e. fieldstone, or from quarried stone. The stone is cut to a consistent thickness and weight for use as a veneer. This stone is often called thin stone veneer.

Manufactured stone veneer is fabricated by pouring a lightweight concrete mix to rubber forms of different styles and then painted with a coloring process which makes it resemble real stone. The stone veneer produced is then attached to walls with special mortars.

Flexible stone veneer is fabricated by pulling a thin layer of stone from a slab of slate, sandstone, or mica schist. It is backed by a composite material.